Please keep your pet off the furniture and out of the bedrooms (hair and slobber on the valences is hard work to remove!) and supply a blanket, duvet or even a bed for him/her to lie on. We appreciate that dogs get muddy in the countryside, do not use the showers in the cottages for dogs (there are facilities in the yard, or ask us if in doubt) and please bring a towel specifically for drying muddy paws and not use our towels for that purpose.

In strange surroundings your dog may need to get out earlier to relieve itself in the fields or on the roadside, but not in our gardens or yard where children play.

Please keep your dog on a lead when walking in fields in which there may be sheep (they do not appreciate being chased and your dog could be shot!). If in doubt, check with us first.

Please do not go out and abandon your dog here alone to pine or cause damage, this includes going out to dinner.

For your comfort and that of future guests who may not be pet lovers, we have provided a vacuum cleaner that will collect the vast majority of pet hairs. Please leave the accommodation as clean as possible.

We hope the above common sense ideas help you and your pet (and future guests) to enjoy your stay at Madog's Wells. We regret the need to make these requests but previous experience has shown it is really necessary, not all dog owners are thoughtful of others, and because of the extra work involved there is now a charge for dogs as from 1st January 2009. Please do not bring more than two dogs without agreement and there is a charge of up to £15 per week.

Thanks, Michael and Ann