Environmental Policy

Outlined below is our environmental policy

At Madog’s Wells we are proud to be doing everything practical to minimise waste, re-use and recycle and be energy efficient. We have been recycling as far as possible for many years, 3 compost bins for kitchen waste, and bins for plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass bottles, tin cans, newspapers and cardboard. Recently, batteries, foil and cartons (tetrapaks – cardboard cartons with foil lining for juice and milk) have joined the list of recyclables. These are all near the garden fence in the yard together with normal rubbish bins. We ask our guests to support us in helping to look after this beautiful planet for future generations to enjoy and to avoid putting more than absolutely necessary into landfill.

All the cottages have double glazing and are fully insulated to minimise heat loss and so conserve energy. We have energy efficient combi boilers that are regularly serviced to ensure maximum efficiency. Low energy light bulbs are in use where practicable. Thermostats are provided on all radiators so guests can alter the heating requirements to suit their needs.

Energy Performance Certification has been carried out for all three cottages.

Guests are invited to enjoy an acre of woodland where there is a lot of wild-life planting, at least 12 bird-boxes and a wild-life pond. We actively encourage our guests to visit local attractions as well as visit local pubs, restaurants and stores.

There is no public transport and as many of our guests are unable to walk, cars are essential here.

You are welcome to charge your electric car overnight at a cost of £10 per night.